Clay with its earthy quality seems to connect with the individual at a basic, simplistic level. It can be used for messy play as well as symbolic expression. Images can be made two or three dimensionally and altered and amended giving flexibility in the work. Hands rather than heads take over linking to the unconscious so that issues hidden behind defences are brought out into consciousness and explored and processed with the help of the therapist.

Clay is a powerful medium to help children and adults work through issues such as anger, grief and loss, fear, guilt etc. It is especially helpful for people who find it difficult to articulate their feelings including children and adolescents. Clay enables the individual to move from painful emotional experiences to inner growth and healing.

Clay has the ability to absorb and express what we are feeling (even when we are not conscious of our feelings) or when we feel stuck, unable to work through our problems or unaware of where our feelings originate and experiences that remain buried. Clay has the capacity to reveal the answers to certain issues troubling us, eg the root of our sadness or anxiety. Once these are brought into consciousness they can be explored safely within a therapeutic environment.

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