Art acts like a window into the unconscious. Art can be used to enable children to relax, reduce stress, alleviate depression and anxiety, reduce symptoms of disease and pain and to get in touch with conscious and unconscious thoughts and feelings. These can then be expressed safely and shared with the therapist.

Art therapy offers an opportunity to explore intense or painful thoughts and feelings in a supportive environment. It involves using a wide variety of art materials, for example paints and clay, to create a visual representation of thoughts and feelings. Art Therapy can be an individual activity but is often used very successfully in group situations.


As an individual, on a personal level, it could be used as a means of exploring inner issues. It is a safe way to express strong and sometimes sensitive or destructive feelings. It can be used for stress and anxiety management, enhance communication between individuals and can be used to explore change. It is of particular benefit to people experiencing difficulties with written and verbal communication.

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