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I offer a comprehensive, non-judgemental and confidential one-to-one service for individuals of almost every age (3+ years to adolescence and adults).

People tend to underperform because there is conflict between their desires and their value systems. They depend on these values and belief systems for guidance, although many have developed in childhood, they may no longer serve them in adulthood. Nevertheless, people still judge and act by these obsolete principles.

Counselling may look to the past for answers whereas Life Coaching will deal with the present and the future. Both can enrich your life and build a better future with more self awareness and resilience.


I work in an integrative way looking holistically at all aspects of your self and your life.
Counselling is a listening and talking based method of addressing psychological and psychosomatic problems, including deep and prolonged human suffering, dilemmas, crises, developmental needs and aspirations, to fulfil your full potential.

Life Coaching

This again is a holistic process with the power to balance and harmonise life, concentrating on your whole life and not just one area. My role is to enable and empower you, through my belief that you have the resources required to solve your own problems, but may need help to remove the obstacles that prevent this from happening. I will be utilising the power of this commitment to set realistic goals, devise action plans and empower you to see them through.

Art Therapy      Clay      Music Therapy      Play Therapy      Sand Tray

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