Sand is another powerful medium. Like dreams, the sandtray is a form of active imagination, exploring the unconscious (connecting the outer world with the inner world). Miniatures can be used to explore different perspectives and to try out new ways of relating.

Through making a world in sand, a child has the opportunity to make sense of their experience and to gain control over a world in which adults usually appear powerful and sometimes threatening.

Sandtray work has the potential for healing and transformation - growth.

Sandplay therapy is a form of psychotherapy that attempts to form a connection with the psyche towards a goal of healing. . Its founder was the Swiss therapist Dora Klaff (1904-1990), who based her theories on the principles of Jungian psychology.

Sandplay therapy is a process intended to facilitate emotional healing and personal development of clients. A central process is that the client is given the opportunity to choose from a variety of objects and figures with a goal of representing their inner world. The actions and results of sandplay can then be explored by the client and therapist.

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